my name is Vida.

A few years ago, I traveled to Berlin and fell victim to its’ venom.

me in Berlin!

If you haven’t been to Berlin yet, I highly recommend putting it on top of your travel bucket list. It’s truly one of the most magical places I have ever visited.

I’ve now been to Berlin twice and I still miss it. I feel like an annual trip to Berlin will now be a part of my yearly travels.

I’m originally from Toronto, a city that’s still building it’s identity. Anyone will tell you that Toronto has pockets. Pockets that are very Berlin-like.


Recently, I found myself in one of those ‘pockets’ and decided to create a space online where the Berlin vibe is encapsulated as if stored in a perfume bottle so everyone can experience the thrill that is the Berlin vibe.

Berlinvibe.com is this digital perfume bottle. Visitors can expect to be inspired by its stories, intrigued by its content and captivated by its promise to awaken in you the butterflies you thought you’d lost to youth.

This is where Toronto meets Berlin…

Please contact me if you have any comments, stories, content suggestions, or simply want to partner and work together!


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