Four Berlinesque things to do in Toronto right now!


Regardless of your profession, art and creativity open doors to thinking differently and seeing another perspective. Art is inspiration and this week’s post is here to inspire you to get out and seek beauty in the cold months of winter.
Berlin is known for its ability to be everything. On that note, transforming typical spaces into experiences has intrigued many artists to set up shop there.
If you’re off to Berlin soon, you can learn how to crack it’s uber cool art scene here.
But if you’re staying in Toronto and want to experience the same vibe on a budget, you’re in luck!
For this post, we’ll be looking at spaces in Toronto that seek to inspire creativity right here in our city!
Let’s get started:


Power Plant Winter exhibit

The Power Plant
Source: BlogTO


Many people are still unaware of one of the best things to happen to Toronto’s art scene. The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery is Canada’s leading public gallery devoted exclusively to contemporary visual art.

The Winter opening party is happening on January 26, 2018. Included are exhibitions by Kader Attia and Emeka Ogboh, and the progression of Michael Landy‘s continually evolving Fleck Clerestory Commission Project.

To learn more about these exhibits or the upcoming ones, visit the website!

Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

Small, intimate spaces add to the art displayed inside and this venue has just that!

Currently on display at University of Toronto’s art museum are two great exhibits:

  1. Figures of Sleep – from January 17, 2018 to March 3, 2018 – Is sleep in crisis?

  2. Morning Star – September 13, 2017–August 14, 2018 –

Learn more here.

The freedom factory

On the topic of utilizing a space for multiple services and not mentioning The Freedom Factory would be a sin. This magical space on Dovercourt avenue offers yoga classes, workshops, retreats and an art gallery. Currently on display until November 29 : BEGUM – new paintings by Meera Sethi.

401 Richmond

If you’ve been to this amazing building yet, you only have yourself to blame. The space is open to the public as it’s a heritage building. It houses a rooftop patio, a garden in its square, and multiple art galleries. Go for a stroll on a weekend and enjoy the bricks, art and inspiring venue.  For a full who’s who at 401 Richmond click here.

Check back for more artsy posts next week! This time, we’ll be focusing on spaces that mix art and coffee – YUM!

Live from Toronto, this has been a Berlin Vibe!


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