Where to go: Open Roof Festival

I am the biggest movie buff when it comes to cultural flicks. This basically means, unlike the majority of people, I enjoy reading subtitles! I know, super weird but to each their own. Aside from watching these sorts of movies at TIFF, which by the way has some amazing programming throughout the year, I sometimes attend movie-related events in the city.

One of the most epic ones I’ve attended this summer is the Open Roof Festival. As their tagline suggests, this festival is about celebrating great movies, drinking beer, eating good food and even catching a live performance. This year the event went down at 99 Sudbury – side note: It’s one of my favourite event venues – minus the many constructions happening around it.

Imagine this: a parking lot style space with a food truck, free tea and coffee (a guy on a bike grinding the coffee for you right on the spot) and booze all leading up to a huge screen and seats. They even serve pop corn!

Beer is about 5 dollars and wine is 6. You have to buy tickets to get them. Some nights are busier than others. The band (whichever one is playing that night) typically begins around 8 pm but the doors open at 7 so you can get your food and drinks and mingle a bit while listening to some tunes.

I happened to watch Kedi, a movie about the beautiful stray cats that have been in Istanbul since the Ottoman Empire days. It was a wonderful documentary with subtitles. Istanbul is definitely on my list of places to visit and this movie reminded me to bring it a little closer to the top spot on the list.

The Open Roof Festival is still happening and the next flick is scheduled for screening on Wednesday August  16th. It’s a great event and it needs your support! Get out there and watch a movie (subtitles may be included) under the stars.

And if reading subtitles is not your thing, there’s another great outdoor movie event coming up next week that I’ll tell you about soon 🙂

Stay tuned!

Live from Toronto, this has been a Berlin Vibe

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