Where to go this weekend: The Berlin versus Toronto edition



So you want to feel that European vibe but don’t want to spend over a grand to travel to Europe? Fear not friends! Here in Toronto, we pride ourselves in our diversity and as such, we offer a mix of EVERYTHING!

For this week’s ‘where to go this weekend’, I am offering a list of places in Toronto that give off that Berlin vibe. These establishments were either built with the German vibe in mind or inspired by it.

Feel free to add more establishments that you feel give the same vibe here in the Tdot by commenting below and have a wonderful weekend!

Spot #1

Inspired by Nest Café located at Görlitzer Str. 52, 10997 Berlin, Germany

photo from Nestcafe.de


Toronto equivalent

Beast Restaurant Located at 96 Tecumseth St, Toronto, ON M6J 2H1

Photo from BlogTo


Rationale for inspiration

Nest Café is located in the beautiful Kreuzberg district of Berlin. The location is across the street from Gorlitzer Park – one of the many beautiful green spaces in Berlin. There is a small patio at the front and guests can enjoy a hearty meal in a cozy spot.

Likewise, Beast is tucked away on Tecumseth Street, offering hearty meals in a cozy home-like environment.

Spot #2

Inspired by Distrikt Coffee Located at Bergstraße 68, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Photo from Distrikt Coffee’s Facebook page


Toronto equivalent

Early Bird Café located at 613 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2B7

Photo from BlogTo


Rationale for inspiration

I found Distrikt Coffee through social media. They have a pretty amazing social media strategy and team. Prior to opening, they had reached out to most of Berlin’s top influencers and everyone was waiting for this Mitte hipster attraction to open already. When I walked in, I let the barista know that I’d come all the way from Toronto just to taste their coffee…”now that’s dedication!” he remarked before making me one of the best espresso’s I’d had. This speciality coffee shop knows what coffee lovers need.  In their own words “using superb quality, locally and internationally roasted beans…The drinks are served by trained baristas who know the importance of good coffee.”

Likewise, Toronto’s Early Bird Coffee on Queen West – a.k.a hipsterville, offers great coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

Spot #3

Inspired by Beer gardens located at anywhere in Berlin

Photo from Awesomeberlin.net


Toronto Equivalent

Mascot Brewery located at 31 Mercer St, Toronto, ON M5V 1H2

Photo from BlogTo


Rationale for inspiration

Is there anything better than sitting on a bench, drinking some great beer and meeting new people? I think not! If that’s the vibe you’re seeking, Berlin is the place to be! However, if you are trying to find that vibe without dishing out thousands on a ticket to Berlin, then Mascot Brewery is your best bet!

Built as a tribute to the German beer garden experience but a lack of real estate space for the real thing, this rooftop beer garden has fake grass, some quick bites, great beer and benches to do the socializing you need to on a hot summer day!

Spot #4 

Inspired by Doner and Currywurst located at anywhere in Berlin

Photo from Staev.de


Toronto equivalent

Otto’s Berlin Doner located at 256 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2L9

Photo from BlogTo


Rationale for inspiration

Who doesn’t love Doner? Trust me, you’ll have to try it before you knock it. In the event that your curiosity rises, head on over to Kensington Market.

This couple went to Berlin, discovered the beauty of Doner and Currywurst, practically the most iconic Berliner foods out there and brought them here!

I was thrilled to find this spot a few years back and am so happy to promote it anywhere I go. A year ago, I actually ran into some real Berliners at this spot and they were raving about the food and vibe at Kensington Market and Otto’s Berlin Doner.

I hope this list helps you in finding little pockets of Europe in Toronto. Brought to you by those inspired by the venues and foods that they’ve seen and eaten on their travel, these establishments deserve all the love they can get.

If you know of any other venues in Toronto that give that Berlin vibe, please share them with me in the comments section.

Live from Toronto, this is a Berlin Vibe.

Until next time!




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