The return of Nils Frahm

I discovered Nils Frahm by chance.  I was on a Youtube binge where one click leads to an evening of extensive video consumption. I am however, forever grateful for having found him. Nils Frahm is a Berlin-based composer who specializes in ambient. His talent led to a gig scoring the movie Victoria, which is a must-watch! Nils... Continue Reading →


Four Berlinesque things to do in Toronto right now!

Regardless of your profession, art and creativity open doors to thinking differently and seeing another perspective. Art is inspiration and this week's post is here to inspire you to get out and seek beauty in the cold months of winter.

How to live in a small space

The Toronto housing market, much like Berlin's, is getting a bit out of control. My generation got it drilled in their brains that to own is the path to success. To own is stability, responsibility, the next logical step. That's what we grew up hearing.

Where to go: Sail-In Cinema

It's been a few years since I first heard about Sail-In Cinema. The first time I went was in 2011. Freshly back from my European travels, I was convinced Toronto had some awesome summer events and spent the whole summer researching. That's when I found Sail-in Cinema! This first-ever two-sided floating movie experience seems too... Continue Reading →

Where to go: Open Roof Festival

I am the biggest movie buff when it comes to cultural flicks. This basically means, unlike the majority of people, I enjoy reading subtitles! I know, super weird but to each their own. Aside from watching these sorts of movies at TIFF, which by the way has some amazing programming throughout the year, I sometimes attend... Continue Reading →

How to Live a European life in Toronto

I'm about to embark on another European adventure. I'm well aware of the fact that I'll likely return with a sense of nostalgia for the lifestyle I experience in Europe and I wouldn't be alone in feeling this way. That's why this week's post is dedicated to figuring out how to  live a European life in Toronto.

Where to go this weekend: El Ray!

Nestled in the depths of Dundas past Spadina, this little place is owned by the great Grant van Gameren who, if you don't know, owns Bar Isabel and Bar Raval. (side note: if you haven't been to those two places, alter that situation ASAP!)

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